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In a World of Asynia.

Asynia, the main term of the world of Asa. It is originated from the Legends of Asa and the Power of Yni’as. While the story may suggest the name of the world being Asynia, its actual name is never revealed. Setiraelin ended the Old Age and the original name of the world died with the Old Age.


In the Bloodcarriers of Asa we follow the life of Athtys Baltho, who was born and raised in Firewatch, formerly known as Edalerin and is located in Mentiss. Mentiss is the main continent where the story takes place.

The Power of Asa.

The Power of Asa is a power only a few possess. Originated from the First Gods, ancient bloodlines run back to Rythild, Eion and the others themselves. Only those who share the blood of the Old Ones, are able to use their powers and everything that comes with it.

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"It is always one death that makes the difference."

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